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24 The World Seen Through An Archentrepreneur’s Eyes

Ola Ahlvarsson reminds entrepreneurs to look around… almost every thing you see at some point was backed by an entrepreneurial thought. What’s your product? What’s your vision? Continue reading

22 The Vision Thing

Thor Muller tells his story — the pre-launch going-ons; doubts from the industry; to launch; and learning from customers. In all of that their vision held strong. Continue reading

21 Build What You Know

Remember to ‘eat your own dog food’, Ben Werdmuller reflects on why a vision; a manifesto; a movement is important in todays world of entrepreneurship. Continue reading

08 My £10 million MBA – the story of Ammo City

Graham Brown-Martin tells the EPIC story of Ammo City, battle scars included. It was 1999, dot com 1.0, an investor’s wet dream. 10 years later, he shares what he learned from the experience. Continue reading