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21 Build What You Know

Remember to ‘eat your own dog food’, Ben Werdmuller reflects on why a vision; a manifesto; a movement is important in todays world of entrepreneurship. Continue reading

16 It’s not an app you’re building–it’s a product

Stephanie Rieger reminds the world that you’re never just building an app; it’s always so much more & that should never be forgotten. Continue reading

11 Designer, Architect, Developer

So you’ve jumped in the deep end? You’re doing your own startup. Tom Preston-Werner lays out 3 key roles you’ll want on your side. Fill them with great people & life will be much easier. Continue reading

03 Lessons from the front: 4 simple rules for success

Who’s your customer? What? Why? Get dirty… KISS. Cashflow. Milestones. Sell. Focus. People. Relationships. Repeat… Nathalie Gaveau gives you 4 tips to keep you on track. Continue reading

02 Entrepreneurs – so you think you can build a useful product?

Art Leyzerovich maps two common “types” of entrepreneurs in the internet startup world. Which one are you? Did you make those mistakes? Don’t be that guy. Continue reading