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13 Think you’re good at networking? Properly following up (especially with a VC)

If you’re putting yourself out there, meeting as many of the right people as possible, keeping up with everyone can easily become unmanageable. Pascal Finette lays out some simple rules that will help you build relationships the right way. Continue reading

11 Designer, Architect, Developer

So you’ve jumped in the deep end? You’re doing your own startup. Tom Preston-Werner lays out 3 key roles you’ll want on your side. Fill them with great people & life will be much easier. Continue reading

03 Lessons from the front: 4 simple rules for success

Who’s your customer? What? Why? Get dirty… KISS. Cashflow. Milestones. Sell. Focus. People. Relationships. Repeat… Nathalie Gaveau gives you 4 tips to keep you on track. Continue reading