24 The World Seen Through An Archentrepreneur’s Eyes

Ola Ahlvarsson reminds entrepreneurs to look around… almost every thing you see at some point was backed by an entrepreneurial thought. What’s your product? What’s your vision? Continue reading

23 Startups Lessons Not Learned or Lame Startup Thinking

Mike Butcher tells a tale, a tale he’s heard too often? Possibly with a little hint of sarcasm; a hint of sarcasm that maybe should be listened to by entrepreneurs. While aimed at Europe a valuable lesson can be learnt by all. Continue reading

22 The Vision Thing

Thor Muller tells his story — the pre-launch going-ons; doubts from the industry; to launch; and learning from customers. In all of that their vision held strong. Continue reading

21 Build What You Know

Remember to ‘eat your own dog food’, Ben Werdmuller reflects on why a vision; a manifesto; a movement is important in todays world of entrepreneurship. Continue reading

20 Unit Economics

Eoghan Jennings notes three metrics that are often overlooked whose usefulness in explaining your business can’t be underestimated. Continue reading

19 Frog Driven Development

So keep asking yourself “Am I being a Frog, right now?”. If the answer is yes, jump out. The only way to tell the difference in temperature is by comparing and testing the waters. Stefan Fountain reveals a nightmare. Continue reading

18 Getting your story straight

A great story must capture your vision, and be able to convey it meaningfully to both potential customers and partners. Bill Liao offers some examples of how your story can be a major factor in your success. Continue reading

17 Pivot or Persist

So your overnight success didn’t happen? The myth turned out to be just that. What’s next? Glenn Shoosmith gives a few tips that might help every entrepreneurs eternal question: Pivot or Persist. Continue reading

16 It’s not an app you’re building–it’s a product

Stephanie Rieger reminds the world that you’re never just building an app; it’s always so much more & that should never be forgotten. Continue reading

15 Just Do It

Michael Jackson wants entrepreneurs to remember one thing. The lawyers aren’t your coach — they’re the referee. Don’t forget that, get on the pitch & play. Play hard. Play fast. Play successful. Continue reading

14 Four Steps to Building the Perfect Financial Model

Taylor Davidson gives you a quick, 4 step look at financial modelling for startups. Here’s a clue, do them agile; just like your code; just like your company. Continue reading

13 Think you’re good at networking? Properly following up (especially with a VC)

If you’re putting yourself out there, meeting as many of the right people as possible, keeping up with everyone can easily become unmanageable. Pascal Finette lays out some simple rules that will help you build relationships the right way. Continue reading

12 There’s PR and then there’s wasting your time & money

PR needs to be defined, executed upon and measured. If you can’t measure it, don’t bother. Avoid the death-spiral; timing is everything. Continue reading

11 Designer, Architect, Developer

So you’ve jumped in the deep end? You’re doing your own startup. Tom Preston-Werner lays out 3 key roles you’ll want on your side. Fill them with great people & life will be much easier. Continue reading

10 That two letter word…

Heard “No” too many times? Jason Ball explains 6 of the reasons it could be & why you shouldn’t let it hit you too hard, with one caveat. Continue reading

09 What have you done wrong?

Admitting your mistakes reveals more about you than might be comfortable. Sean Bonner explains why that’s one of the most important things you can do. Continue reading

08 My £10 million MBA – the story of Ammo City

Graham Brown-Martin tells the EPIC story of Ammo City, battle scars included. It was 1999, dot com 1.0, an investor’s wet dream. 10 years later, he shares what he learned from the experience. Continue reading

07 3 quick steps to ensure your startup is on the right track in the new year

Identify a consumer need, launch with ‘just enough’, and disrupt the incumbents – Tom Hulme offers three steps to getting your startup on track for the new year. Continue reading

06 Execution is key

James Chan talks about his first year as Investment Manager at Neoteny Labs, and balancing execution and vision. Continue reading

05 The hunger of a real start-up?

Dan Wilson recounts the early days of eBay UK. Among all the choas; the highs and lows — the one thing he remembers might be blindingly obvious. But it’s true. Is it true of your startup? Continue reading

04 How we earned two long-term partners for our $10,000 mistake

Noah Kagan gives an example of how to prioritize your business and stick with them for long-term success. Continue reading

03 Lessons from the front: 4 simple rules for success

Who’s your customer? What? Why? Get dirty… KISS. Cashflow. Milestones. Sell. Focus. People. Relationships. Repeat… Nathalie Gaveau gives you 4 tips to keep you on track. Continue reading

02 Entrepreneurs – so you think you can build a useful product?

Art Leyzerovich maps two common “types” of entrepreneurs in the internet startup world. Which one are you? Did you make those mistakes? Don’t be that guy. Continue reading

01 Reflections On Entrepreneurship

You’re no saint; you’re no entrepreneur; and you’re certainly not a tightrope walker. Max Niederhofer reflects & tells it how it is. And what it is, is the last great adventure. Continue reading